The EAI/EDI system retained by the company must support the real-time linkage of internal and external business processes. Inspien provides "transient operations and technical support" services to ensure that customers' valuable system resources operate stably in optimal architecture.

  • Inspien's transient operating services reduce customers' fixed costs and ensure a 24*365(365 days a year around the clock) stable operating system.
  • Inspien proactively detects and responds to the signs of failures through regular preventive activities and monitoring.
  • Inspine's EAI/EDI specialists(29 persons) promise quick problem resolution based on their extensive experience with projects in various environments.
  • Inspien suggests architectures suitable for customers' business environments and delivers new technologies.
  • Service solution: SAP PO(Process Ochestration), webMethods, IBM Sterling, IBM MQ, GXS Bizmanager

Service procedure

  • Step. 1

    Service inquiry

    Service introduction

  • Step. 2

    Analysis and diagnosis

    status analysis

    I/F Development/Operation Procedure


    Linkage system

    Performance metrics

    Major I/F Pattern

  • Step. 3

    Custom plan

    Sharing inspection results

    Service Proposal

  • Step. 4


    Service contract

    Assigning support personnel

    Create Customer Card

  • Step. 5

    Service operation

    Service Start

Service support

Inspien has a dedicated EAI/EDI Technical Support team to provide even better service to customers.

Components Details
Technical support team(resident at head office)
  • Technical Support Manager
  • - Technical support team operation manager
  • - Coordinator for use of Inspien's resources
  • - Support for top issue management and solution delivery
  • Support Engineer
  • - Daily monitoring
  • - Visit for regular inspection & reporting
  • - Customer communication management
  • - Respond to emergencies and issues
Expert pool
  • Support for expert services(20-25 persons)
  • Use of right experts(development, consultant, education, etc.) of Inspien in the right place to resolve specific problems
On-site Service Regular inspection Provision of reporting after monthly system check(resource utilization rate, log analysis, Queue/Adapter environment variable
Urgent response to failure/issue Primary response within 2 hours after acceptance of failure report(by telephone, email); If the problem remains unresolved after primary response, on-site visit follows(or remote access)
Technical consultation Upgrade and introduction of best practice related to patch guide, response to technical inquiry, tuning guide

Service contract

Inspien's transient operations and technical support service contract programs are divided into 2 types.

  • Monthly
  • Contract is executed through negotiation on SLA(Service Level Agreement) for transient operation and technical support based on the period of not less than 1 month and the man-hour to be deployed.
  • Call Base
  • Cost is charged by time in the event of any work order necessary to resolve urgent failure that cannot be resolved at Level 1 of Call Base internally and for technical support.

Expected effects

Inspien's transient operational and technical support services help customers reduce operational costs of EAI/EDI systems, improve operational efficiency of the systems, and increase reliability of the systems to strengthen their key competencies for business.

Cases of transient operation/technical support of customers

Elegant brothers Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology Hankook Tire E-Land
LS Cable & System Joongang Ilbo Korea National Oil Corporation Sungwoo Automotive
Samcheonri HLDS Boral Plasterboard Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Service consultation

Manager : Jeon Hyeonseok Director (, 02-857-8040 )