It is an information delivery system that standardizes data and documents related to inter-company transactions and also transmits and receives the data between trading parties via computer network. It converts various documents required for trade, such as order form, delivery form, bill, etc., into electronic signals mutually agreed upon through standardized bilateral forms or public formats, and transmits such electronic signals to customers via computer network. This eliminates troublesome office processes, such as preparation/dispatch of various documents and filing procedures in both inter-company transactions and international trade, thus reducing costs and drastically increasing the productivity in all processes such as order placement, production, delivery, and distribution.

System function elements

EDI system is a core solution that has strengths in information transmission, security, and scalability to fully support the transmission and reception of data(documents) among enterprises, and provides high performance and stability to perform functions as infrastructure in external system area.

Convenient management and support for development environment and scalability

  • Tool support for automatic generation, mapping, and edition of standard/non-standard EDI documents with XML Schema
  • Development of Message Flow and management of each node component through Web Portal
  • Support for deployment by using the integrated development tools, and rapid on-boarding of new partners through maximization of reuse

Support for various connectivity

  • Peer-to-Peer communication: Web Services, AS2, POP3/SMTP, JDBC, FTP, HTTP(S), JMS, OFTP, SFTP, ebXml, etc.
  • EDI Document Standards: X.12(United States), EDIFACT(World Standard), VDA(Europe, Automotive), RosettaNet(World, Electronic Information), ebxml, Odette(Automotive), EANCOM(Europe, Retail), Cargo-IMP(Air Cargo) and other custom standard
  • Package application adapter: SAP, Oracle, JDE, etc.
  • Provision of API and Framework for custom adapter development

Provision of powerful security function

  • Maintenance of security for DMZ section by linking through Proxy
  • Support for the latest security technology standards(SSL, TLS)
  • Application and management of convenient security certificate

Expected effects of the system

EDI system introduction demonstrates business value, such as lower costs, quicker speed of business, greater precision and efficiency of business, etc., which are required continuously in close e-business transactions with partners.

Collaborative business challenges EDI introduction
Increasingly complex and diverse business partner communities Function to save time, manage complexity and integrate 100% fully with partner community based on flexible structure
Manual business processes that can be highly costly error-prone Smooth automation function when external partners of internal business processes are expanded
Lack of real-time business process visibility Function to ensure visibility by providing implementable information across core IT and business processes
IT and business resources insufficient to manage B2B infrastructures and implement projects Acceleration of the return on investment(ROI) in B2B business, and utilization of their internal resources where they need them the most

EDISystem architecture



    IBM Sterling B2B Integrator


    SoftwareAG webMethods


    SAP PO(Process Orchestration)


    BizLink / BizConnector

Consulting performance

Company Type of business Projects Applicable standards
Documents Technology
*amsung SDI Manufacture EDI system rebuilding X.12, VDA, XML AS2, OFTP2, ebXML
*NSUS Logistics EDI system rebuilding XML HTTPS
*Kanak Semiconductor Manufacture Sales EDI system rebuilding for overseas customers RosettaNet RNIF
*Gchemistry Manufacture Improvement of mobile battery VMI input/output automation X.12, XML, RosettaNe AS2, FTP, SFTP, RNIF
*Sung electricity Manufacture VAN Migration establishment for overseas customers X.12,EDIFACT AS2,SFTP
*Lacom Manufacture Buy/Sell automation project X.12 SFTP
*YK Logistics Next-generation EDI system building EDIFACT, X.12 SFTP, FTP
*Toxigasticks Logistics Warehouse, transportation, forwarding EDI system building EDIFACT, X.12, XML AS2, HTTPS, WS, SFTP
*Gelectron Manufacture Sales, import/export, logistics, financial EDI building X.12, EDIFACT, XML AS2, HTTPS, WS, SFTP

Consulting consultation

Manager : Jeon Hyeonseok Director( hsjeon@inspien.co.kr, 02-857-8040 )