Integrated log

Anymon PLUS

Integrated log management / analysis system

Overview of Anymon PLUS

Anymon PLUS integrates with log management, security information and event management, and network behavior analysis capabilities for the purpose of reducing total cost of IT infrastructure ownership and enhancing their management efficiency.

Anymon PLUS provides fast retrieval of large amounts of data with efficient distributed storage, distributed processing, and optimal indexing processing technology of logs.

Log collecting

  • Syslog, SNMP Trap, Agent, and other collection methods and non-receiving log retransmissions.
  • Supports encryption (certainty) and hashing (integrity) and provides automatic deletion and compression by scheduling.

Log searching

  • The log search supports complex criteria values and allows the retrieval of events with specific keywords in the collected/saved data.

Network behavior analytics based real time analysis

  • It provides correlation through specific pattern recognition and statistical analysis within complex events,and NBA(network behavior analytics)-based harmful traffic correlation.

Incident inquiry/analysis

  • The detected incident and related original data can be inquired.


  • Real-time traffic monitoring based on session (firewall, web) logs.

System management

  • Provides distributed operation with a central-site architecture and domain management for hierarchical management of controlled equipment.

Role-Based Access Control

  • Grants role-based system access by administrator, and creates audit logs (connectors, changes in settings,history of log retrieval, etc.) to keep the system safe and operational.



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