RTIMS(Real-Time Interface Monitoring System)

Overview of RTIMS

The RTIMS(Real-Time Interface Monitoring System) is a solution for I/F governance, providing high-level statistical information, system status monitoring and alert notification functions from the aspect of I/F master information management and business. It applies to SAP PO/PI, webMethods, and IBM Sterling

EAI solution optimization

  • Monitoring function optimized for EAI solutions(SAP PO/PI, webMethods, IBM Sterling) is provided based on extensive experience and technology accumulated in EAI field.

Scalable monitoring

  • Scalability is provided, which reflects the characteristics of various related solutions such as EAI/B2B/ETL for integrated monitoring.

Lightweight / Mobile Access

  • The modular architecture based on lightweight components can easily respond to customer requirements such as SMS and Groupware linkage.
  • Direct access from mobile devices is enabled as the HTML5-based UI is provided.

Main features of RTIMS

Function classification Detail of fuction  
operatio Dashboard
  • Summary of enterprise-level interface status
  • Provision of separate Dashboard for administrators and business users
Technical Monitoring
  • Monitoring of utilization of resources such as CPU/Memory/DB Table space/File System, etc.
  • Message and error monitoring
  • Channel, Queue, Java Messaging System monitoring
  • Monitoring of major Java Stack status such as Java Heap, Thread, and Session
Business Monitoring
  • Provision of separate Dashboard for administrators and business users
  • Monitoring by group/interface and statistical analysis
Management Analysis
  • Analysis of transaction volume trend by interface
  • Analysis of errors and processing performance trend by interface
Control Alert
  • Rule-based user alarm system
  • Redundant error message filtering function and transmission rule setting function for each user
  • Role-based access privilege control
  • Access to Mobile enabled on the basis of HTML5

RTIMS Cases of application

TORAY CHEMICAL Pantos Logistics LG Chem Kolon
Doosan Samsung SDI Pantos  

RTIMS Solution Consulting

Manager : Jeon Hyeonseok Director ( hsjeon@inspien.co.kr, 02-857-8040 )