Sterling Collaboration network

Overview of IBM SCN (Sterling Collaboration Network)

The IBM SCN(Sterling B2B Collaboration Network is a "global VAN" connected with more than 300,000 companies worldwide. It provides services enabling the exchange of data with customers' business partners in the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)), XML-based or proprietary standards and formats. This helps reduce the time and complexity involved in integration with local and global business partners. With IBM SCN, you can use our professional services to automate electronic document exchanges and manage B2B operations more quickly. The safe and scalable solution can help resolve B2B (business-to-business) issues such as transfer of managed files, language conversion, connection of people, system, and technology.

Key features of the IBM SCN

IBM SCN(Sterling B2B Collaboration Network) is capable of processing various needs of B2B/EDI based on stable infrastructure delivered over 30 years.

IBM SCN(Sterling Collaboration Network) provides all the functions necessary for B2B/EDI such as various protocol connections, any-to-any conversion, analysis, monitoring, alerting, etc.

Category Functions
SCN infrastructure
  • Network linked to 350,000 customers worldwide
  • Support for various protocols(AS1/AS2, FTP/S, SFTP, OFTP/OFTP2, SOAP, HTTP/S, MQ, SMTP, X.400 etc.)
  • Basic data retention period of 35 days
  • Interconnect (Global connection of VAN Corporation to about 120 networks)
  • Any To Any Format conversion service
  • Any Data Format(X.12, EDIFACT, VDA, ACH, IDOC, XML etc.)
  • Provision of visibility for B2B transactions
  • Provision of various reports by partner/document type
  • Lookup Trading Partner for looking up the information of partners, such as EDI ID, VAN, etc.
  • Document Tracking
  • Upon verification up to segment level of standard document, e-mail alert is transmitted in the event of any error

IBM SCN Customer Center

Search for Documents : Tracking of EDI document transmitted to and received from business partners, and checking the detailed history

  • Search of EDI transmission/reception history
  • Checking the EDI document contents and downloading
  • Reprocess function

Trading Partner Summary Report : Provision of summary report on transmission/reception history

  • Inquiry of usage amount and document quantity per partner/ document type during specific period
  • Report can be downloaded in formats such as PDF, EXCEL, etc.

Lookup Trading Partner : Inquiry of information about business partners connected via SCN

  • Partner search by EDI ID or Company Name
  • It is displayed as Company name, EDI ID, Qualifier, Service Provider, and is connected by Interconnect function if Service Provider is not SCN

Report notification is provided on transmission result. Report or data format can be selected.

  • Notification on transmission results related to batch processing results
  • Batch Number, Sender, Receiver, Display the Interchange Control Number, etc.
  • Machine Readable Format of fixed length with contents same as those of Report Format is provided
  • Connection with system is enabled after Mailslot is specified and 020 Report on the processing results is received.

Cases of IBM SCN application

S Electrics, which adopted the IBM SCN, has seen an improvement in precision and productivity of works as a result of exchange of EDI documents with customers in electricity/ electronics, and automotive industry, etc., through the IBM SCN, along with about 70% savings on the costs compared to existing services.

IBM SCN Service consultation

Manager : Jeon Hyeonseok Director ( hsjeon@inspien.co.kr, 02-857-8040 )