SAP Security

EnDB for SAP

SAP Encryption Solution for SMB

EnDB for SAP provides a feature to comply with privacy laws and encrypt important information of corporations by using the encryption method added-on to the SAP without additional extension of H/W. It configures a safe SAP environment through user authority management, inquiry of personal information utilization, data masking, etc.

  • Operation as seamless as before encryption - Maintenance of the length format of original text data
  • No structure change in DB - Encryption without changing existing DB field
  • Maintenance of search/inquiry performance - Use of existing DB indexes exactly as they're
  • Minimization of APP modifications and centralization of confidential data
  • Personally identifiable information can be masked at lookup

SAP Add-on type encryption solution

  • No need to configure separate encryption/decryption server
  • EnDB for SAP is suitable for small and medium-sized SAP ERP with less than 500,000 inquiries per personal information

Encryption function and Token technology

  • The encryption function added-on to the SAP supports 3DES, AES256, SHA256 etc., which are the international standard algorithms. So, encryption/decryption can be applied to SAP system without separate configuration of encryption/decryption server.
  • Token method is adopted, enabling the application without changing the type and size of business system table field

Decryption function

  • Grant of decryption authority per SAP user account and transaction code

User convenience function

  • Use of SAP's Domain Conversion Routine to minimize program change
  • Providing the capability to check personal information processing details and various statistics through audit log
  • Providing the capability to figure out whether encryption has been applied through unencrypted report and history report



    SAP Certification


    Cryptographic module verification