SAP Security

SecureDB for SAP

SAP data encryption solution

"SecureDB for SAP" encrypts the personal information stored in the SAP system with certified algorithms(SEED, TDES, AES, ARIA), stores it on DB, and encrypts the data for the SAP system allowing only authorized users can decrypt it during the inquiry.

  • Personally identifiable information can be masked at lookup
  • Secure management of personal information through encryption
  • Use of patented PIN-generated algorithm
  • Secure encryption key management in 3 steps
  • Smooth operation as before encryption - Maintaining the length format of original text data
  • No DB structure change - Encryption without changing existing DB field
  • Maintenance of search/inquiry performance - Use of existing DB indexes exactly as they're
  • Minimization of APP modifications and centralization of confidential data

The largest SAP Personal Information encryption in Korea

  • Capturing over 70% of domestic SAP ERP encryption market
  • Completed the world's largest ERP encryption for Samsung Electronics

Token-based encryption with length unchanged

  • Encryption using SAP Domain
  • Use field length and attributes exactly as they're

Change of real-time encryption key

  • Change of encryption key in real time without server downtime
  • Recommendation of periodic change in encryption key under the Privacy Act

Test data modulation

  • Minimization of exposure of personal information through data modulation during Client Copy of operation data
  • Building the test environment same as that for operation



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