SAP Security

xCon for SAP

SAP log-in record management and access control solution

"xCon for SAP" is a SAP protocol-based log-in record solution that analyzes and stores all SAP system utilization by user. If user handles personal information, it keeps the time, IP, user name, and accessed personal information separately, complying with the safety rules under the Personal Information Protection Act. In addition, "xCon for SAP" performs User/IP-based access control when a user accessing the system breaches security policy. All recorded data are presented to the user in various forms of statistical information.

As the SAP system uses only 1 DB user for DB connection, no audit data suitable for application user's work activities can be provided through ordinary DB control access. "xCon for SAP" is a product that meets legal requirements by providing application-side logging which uses the information between users and application servers. Moreover, it eliminates the problem of performance degradation and failure effect on SAP system when it is installed based on network packet analysis method.

Records of all transactions with user and SAP

  • SAP Application access control solution supporting the SAP DIAG/RFC Protocol
  • Collection and storing of all data on user behavior. (IP, UserID, Tcode, Program, Message, Input / Output Value)
  • Search and provision of evidential data by various key words

SAP screen reproduction

  • Reduction of storage space by extracting only important data in packet based on excellent SAP Protocol analysis technology
  • Intuitive inquiry and provision of evidential data through recombination of SAP GUI screen in audit inquiry

SAP system access control

  • User access control based on IP & Mac + SAP User ID: Specific ID accessed only from specific IP, preventing unauthorized privilege
  • Block the access to SAP system in the event of any defined security breach

Presentation of system utilization status and improvement factors

  • Provision of statistical data on system utilization: Provision of statistical data on utilized programs and response time by organization and user
  • Record on types of errors in system: inadequate execution authority, dump occurrence in system, failure to execute program, etc.

Provision of convenience of audit

  • Provision of convenience for user and administrator based on many years of experience with SAP consulting and profound understanding of system: Session Tacking function, automatic playback function, user INPUT display function, and user command extraction function
  • Function of tracking various events by using flexible Rule Engine



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